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Paul E. Jones paulej at PACKETIZER.COM
Sat Jan 26 17:24:52 EST 2002

Dear SG16 experts,

The following 8 documents are now available at:

using browser

using ftp tool

At 09:43 +0100 02/01/25, Euchner Martin ICN M SR 3 wrote:
>I've just uploaded a Siemens delayed contribution "delayed new H.235 Annex
>G_KM.1.zip" with the Title "Improved key-management and security protocol
>for H.235 Annex G.1" to the Incoming directory. The same file is also
>stored in the Q5Conf directory for potential consideration during the
>Mobility Teleconference today.
>You may also find two Rapporteurs TDs:
>"Rapp-TD H235AnnexF.zip" with the title "Draft recommendationH.235 Annex F
>"Hybrid Security Profile" for Consent"
>"pl-xxx Identification of References from H.235v3 (per Recommendation
>A.5).zip" with the title "Identification of References from H.235v3 (per
>Recommendation A.5)"

At 10:19 -0500 02/01/25, Sasha Ruditsky wrote:
>I've just uploaded 2 delayed contributions
>delayed_SSRC.zip with title    "Multiplexing of RTP/RTCP streams"
>and delayed_Description.zip with title "Adding description to the H.245
>to the Incoming directory. This contributions are resubmissions of the TDs
>20 and 26 from the Dubling meeting.

from Cisco
>MoIP Signalling in H.323.doc
>Call Identifier.doc

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