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Fri Jan 25 22:46:14 EST 2002

A small discrepancy has come to our attention:
If the intent is to change the value of bit M from 0 to 1,
then the description should change too from non-ISDN to ISDN.
6.9.10  Technical Correction Relating to Sending ACM
Description:    Section C.7.1.3 contains a technical error in the assignment
of the values of M, K and I.  The corrected text is shown below.
[Begin Correction]
                C.7.1.3 Sending of the Address Complete Message (ACM)
                Backward call indicators
                If bit I is 1 0 then:
                bit     K               ISDN user part indicator
                                1               ISDN user part used all the
                If bit I is 0 then:
                bit     M               ISDN access indicator
                                01              terminating access non-ISDN
                                [End Correction]

The meaning of bit M whether 0 or 1 is defined by 3.5/Q.763

bit M   ISDN access indicator
0       terminating access non-ISDN
1       terminating access ISDN

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