H.235 OIDs collision

Euchner Martin ICN M SR 3 Martin.Euchner at ICN.SIEMENS.DE
Fri Jan 25 05:39:29 EST 2002

Dear all,

I've just uploaded a Siemens delayed contribution "delayed new H.235 Annex
G_KM.1.zip" with the Title "Improved key-management and security protocol
for H.235 Annex G.1" to the Incoming directory. The same file is also stored
in the Q5Conf directory for potential consideration during the Mobility
Teleconference today.

You may also find two Rapporteurs TDs:
"Rapp-TD H235AnnexF.zip" with the title "Draft recommendation H.235 Annex F
"Hybrid Security Profile" for Consent"
"pl-xxx Identification of References from H.235v3 (per Recommendation
A.5).zip" with the title "Identification of References from H.235v3 (per
Recommendation A.5)"

With kind regards

Martin Euchner.
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Dear SG16 experts,

At 16:10 +0000 02/01/24, Pete Cordell wrote:
>I have uploaded the following to the PicturetelIncoming directory and
>submitted it to the TSB:
>Draft Recommendation H.460.1 - Guidelines for the Use of the Generic
>Extensible Framework
>It is much the same text as submitted to the Dublin meeting except for a
>few editorial changes, mentioning XML as an option for the encoded in raw
>form, and specifying that the standard identifier of an ITU-T defined
>module is related to its identity in the H.460.n series of recommendations.

At 12:44 -0500 02/01/24, Terry L Anderson wrote:
>I have uploaded a copy of the the Editors TD for H.248 Implementors
>Guide to the avc-site/Incoming directory as TD_H248IG.zip
>Note that there are likely to be additions to the IG during the meeting
>in Geneva.

They have been moved to:

using browser

using ftp tool

Best regards,

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