delayed contribution uploaded and some Rapporteurs TDs uploaded

Euchner Martin ICN M SR 3 Martin.Euchner at ICN.SIEMENS.DE
Fri Jan 25 03:43:57 EST 2002

Dear SG16 experts,

At 16:10 +0000 02/01/24, Pete Cordell wrote:
>I have uploaded the following to the PicturetelIncoming directory and
>submitted it to the TSB:
>Draft Recommendation H.460.1 - Guidelines for the Use of the Generic
>Extensible Framework
>It is much the same text as submitted to the Dublin meeting except for a
>few editorial changes, mentioning XML as an option for the encoded in raw
>form, and specifying that the standard identifier of an ITU-T defined
>module is related to its identity in the H.460.n series of recommendations.

At 12:44 -0500 02/01/24, Terry L Anderson wrote:
>I have uploaded a copy of the the Editors TD for H.248 Implementors
>Guide to the avc-site/Incoming directory as
>Note that there are likely to be additions to the IG during the meeting
>in Geneva.

They have been moved to:

using browser

using ftp tool

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