H.248 Implementors Guide

Terry L Anderson tla at LUCENT.COM
Thu Jan 24 12:44:23 EST 2002


As you may have already noticed, the ITU-SG16 mail list has a new server,
echo.jf.intel.com. You may continue to send mail to the old server,
mailbag.intel.com, and it will be redirected to the new server. You may
also, of course, send mail directly to the new server
(itu-sg16 at echo.jf.intel.com). All mail you receive from the ITU-SG16 will be
from the new server so this may affect your email filter properties.

The procedures will also continue unchanged. All the properties for LISTSERV
have been carried over to the new server. This means that you will continue
to confirm any messages that you send to the list. By the way, I appreciate
the comments (very positive) from this list for this new procedure. As a
side benefit, if you receive a confirmation for a message you didn't send to
the list, it indicates that you are infected with an email virus or someone
is spoofing your address (so please don't confirm it!). But primarily, the
new procedure has provided greater security against viruses and spam for the
members of this mail list.

If you have any quesitons or comments, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Best Regards,

Greg Meyer
Intel Labs

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