Report of Q.5 (mobility) phone conference, December 18th, 200 1

Thu Jan 24 08:14:31 EST 2002

Hi all, 

I fully agree with the arguments previously expressed by Ernst Orvath for
H.22x in the specific context (H.22X being an enhanced version of H.225
annex G v2 draft). So I vote for H.22x.

If such this MM protocol becomes a standard as an annex of H.225, It would
not be possible to make it evolve in order to meet the requirements of
multimedia services THAT WOULD NOT BE call related. This doesn't fit our
decision to design a generic MM protocol. This justifies the "documentation"
advantage as mentionned by Ernst.

Anyway, considering the short time remaining until the plenary meeting, I
would suggest to discuss also about the protocol design itself.


François Bougant
France Telecom

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Forwarded per Mr. Roy's request...

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( Mr. Meyer: I would appreciate if you would kindly forward my message to
the SG16 reflector.)

Hi, Mr. Ernst:

I understand your points. Now the question is: Do we want to kill or
deprecate H.225.0 Annex G in the longer term through standardization of

Let us debate the pros and cons of H.22x from technical point of view (I
will withdraw my objections to H.22x if sufficient technical arguments are
provided). This is the fundamental debate for all of us in the SG16.

So far, I have voted for enhancement of H.225.0 Annex G for mobility
(because H.22x differs from H.225.0 Annex G by only 2/3 messages and does
not say why it has to be fundamentally different from H.225.0 Annex G.)

Best regards,
Radhika R. Roy
rrroy at

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