3rd Q.5 Teleconference on 25th January 2002

Euchner Martin ICN M SR 3 Martin.Euchner at ICN.SIEMENS.DE
Thu Jan 24 03:28:36 EST 2002

Yes it's true. I uploaded yesterday evening two of our delayed contributions
to the Incoming directory without announcing them.

   delayed_AES.zip                      "Proposal to separate H.235 Annex G
security into new Annex G.1 for User/Terminal Security and address Generic
Mobility Management Security in another document"
   delayed_new_H.235_AnnexG.1.zip       "Inclusion of the AES encryption
algorithm to H.235V3"

However, I can't find them anywhere.

Thus, I uploaded them again to the Incoming directory.

With kind regards

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Dear SG16 experts,

At 16:31 -0500 02/01/23, Terry L Anderson wrote:
>I have uploaded a copy of the Editors TD for H.248 Annex M.ka
>(KeepAlive) to the avc-site/incoming directory as:

This and other three documents have been moved to the /0202_Gen directory.


You can download them from:

using browser

using ftp tool

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