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Euchner Martin ICN M SR 3 Martin.Euchner at ICN.SIEMENS.DE
Thu Jan 24 03:06:56 EST 2002

Dear SG16 experts,

They are now available at /0202_Gen of the avc-site.

At 16:16 +1100 02/01/24, Christian Groves wrote:
>I have placed the following files in the incoming directory. Could you
>please move them to the Geneve directory?
>1. [DC-xxx_Annex_L_amm1] Proposed H.248 Annex L Amendment 1
>2. [DC-xxx_Annex_M_1] Comments to H.248 Annex M.1 Audio Server Package
>3. [DC-xxx_Annex_M_qac] H.248 Annex M.qac Quality Alert Ceasing Package
>4. [DC-xxx_Annex_N] H.248 Annex N SDP H.248 Package Attribute
>5. [DC-xxx_Imp_Guide] H.248 Implementors' Guide Additions
>6. [DC-xxx_MuxDescription] Clarification of H.248 Mux Descriptor Usage
>7. [DC-xxx_Nx64K] Addition of Nx64K Service to the H.248 Mutliplex
>8. [DC-xxx_Packages_Guide] Packages Guide
>9. [DC-xxx_Profile_Pkg] Draft H.248 Annex M.profile Profile Package
>10. [DC-xxx_H248v2] Draft H.248v2

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