H323 version labeling - FW: h323 Annex E support

Simão Campos-Neto simao.campos at LABS.COMSAT.COM
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Dear all,

trust me on this, Paul is exactly right.

Paul Long wrote:
> Dale,
> I agree that they have been _treated_ as normative, but they are not _in
> fact_ normative. An IG simply _records defects and corrections_ in one or
> more Recommendations while a Corrigendum _corrects_ a particular
> Recommendation. According to the ITU-T, the only way to correct a
> Recommendation is to issue a Corrigendum or revise the Recommendation. An IG
> is therefore a working document of which implementors are prudent to take
> notice but which does not have normative force.
> Take a look at the ITU-T's "Author's Guide for drafting ITU-T
> Recommendations" for definitions of "corrigendum" and "implementors' guide."
> Also take a look at this passage in section 9.6.3 of the ITU-T's "Resolution
> 1, Rules of procedure of the ITU Telecommunication Standardization Sector
> (ITU-T): "...minor amendments may be covered by corrigenda rather than a
> complete reissue." No mention of IGs here; however, in section 9.6 of the
> same document, it says, "When a study group identifies the need for
> implementors >>>to be made aware of<<< defects ... in a Recommendation, one
> mechanism that may be employed is an Implementors' Guide. This Guide is an
> historical document >>>recording<<< all identified defects and their status
> of correction..." (emphasis mine). Therefore, an IG is informational; a
> Corrigendum is normative. If you think otherwise, please cite ITU-T text
> that backs up your assertion.
> Paul Long
> ipDialog, Inc.
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> Paul:
> I think you are incorrect on this. In SG16 implementors guides have always
> been treated as
> normative, and clearly are not implementors guides in the sense  that you
> mention.
> They are formally approved by the entire SG, and become effective
> 'normative' after that approval.
> Dale Skran

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