Facilty Message, reason StartH245

Peter Price PeterP at VEGASTREAM.COM
Fri Jan 4 04:32:29 EST 2002


I need a little help with interpretation...

I believe that the receipt of a Facility message with reason
"StartH245" means that the receiving endpoint SHALL open an H245 channel to
the sender at the supplied transport address.  However, I can't find where
it specifies the SHALL part of this statement in the standards.

The only references I can find to startH245 are
(H323/8.2.3) related to Fast Connect and tunnelling
(H.245/7.4.1) which is actually about when the reason code is NOT StartH245

So the questions are:

1) Is it appropriate to use Facility (startH245) outside Fast Connect or
Tunnelling (for instance the called endpoint trying to force the equivalent
of Early H245)

2) Is it really mandatory for the receiving endpoint to open the H245
channel - if so where does it stipulate this in the standards.


Pete Price
Vegastream Ltd

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