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Fri Jan 11 14:21:00 EST 2002

Dear All,

Most of you will know by now that John Brownlie of BT Labs died in September 2001. 
If you didn't know, I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

John was a very active and notorious participant in standards activities and will be 
missed in those groups. After a suggestion by Jack Moran, many people thought 
that it would be a good idea if those who knew him could spend a little time 
writing a story or two about their recollections. Perhaps there's some particular
event or events that stick in your mind as typifying JB, if so, please write it up. 
There's certainly plenty of material!

I have at last managed to get in touch with his daughter, Helen, who thinks that it 
would be a great idea. John was a very private man and Helen knew very little of 
what he did at work and on his many trips around the world. She knows he was 
always a rebel and would particularly like to hear about the more rebellious incidents!

So, please spend a few minutes if you can and send me the result; I will compile the 
contributions into a booklet and give a copy to Helen. I think it would also be a good 
idea to publish it somewhere on the web so that we could all read it.

I have already received a very nice contribution from Ralf-Rainer Damm.

Best wishes,


PS. My apologies if you receive multiple copies of this; I have sent it to several email 
reflectors as well as to a long BCC: list. Please feel free to send it on to anyone whom I
might have missed.

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