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Dear Mr. Okubo,

For mid February also a one day WP3 meeting in Geneva was planned to make
"consent" for H.264. Has that also gone away?

Istvan Sebestyen

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Dear Q.D,F,G,1-5/16 experts,

The conclusion last week in Awajishima, Japan, was that Q.6/WP3 would
not meet as a whole next February. So we will meet in San Jose during
11-14 February 2003 according to 2/ below. Mr. Jones will issue the
meeting notice very soon.

At 16:23 +0900 02/12/07, OKUBO Sakae wrote:
>Rapporteurs have been seeking the best place to hold this meeting.
>This is to report the progress.
>1/ As default, we will meet in Geneva to handle video related topics
>with Q.6 experts who will meet there for WP3 consent of H.264.
>2/ In case Q.6 and WP3 should not meet at that time depending on the
>interim achievements, Q.D,F,G,1-5/16 will meet in the US, San Jose or
>Raleigh, thanks to the offer of Cisco.
>3/ Q.6 is now working in Japan and will have a definite answer next
>Friday if they meet in Geneva during the mentioned week next
>February. So our final decision will be made at that time. Please
>stay tuned on this mailinglist.
>4/ For this Rapporteur meeting, Paul Jones acts as meeting organizer,
>and myself as document manager.

Best regards,

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