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John Magill johnmagill at PROBECOM.CO.UK
Mon Dec 23 09:26:39 EST 2002

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As you probably know a new Full Service -VDSL Focus Group has been
established under SG16.
(see: http://www.itu.int/ITU-T/studygroups/com16/fs-vdsl/index.html for
more information)

To give SG16 delegates visibility of the draft Recommendations being
prepared by the Focus Group, a new FTP site and email reflector have been
established. These are open to both ITU-T members and Focus Group members.
Full details are available at:
including details of how to join the email reflector and access the FTP site.

On the FTP site you will find folders for each of the proposed
Recommendations. These will be used to post the latest drafts as the work
progresses. Current drafts resulting from the recent Focus Group meeting in
Paris are available now.  Also on the FTP site is a folder containing a
number of informative White Papers on FS-VDSL.

Those interested in the work of the Focus Group are encouraged to join the
email reflector and review the draft Recommendations. Comments on the
drafts are requested as soon as possible.

There will be an editing meeting for the draft system architecture
Recommendation in Turin, Italy, during 14-17 January 2003. We have SG16
permission to have a Rapporteur meeting at this time if sufficient interest
exists, and there will also be a planned Rapporteur meeting in Toronto, 4-6
March 2003, which will also cover the OAM&P Recommendation.

In addition it is currently proposed to convert the Operator Requirements
Specification (Part 1) into an ITU-T Supplement to accompany the
Recommendations. The latest published version of Part 1 is available at:

Please contact me if you have any comments or questions on any aspect of
the work.

Other relevant contacts are:
Associate Rapporteur for architecture Recommendation (Q.B) - Stephane
Py  <stephane.py at rd.francetelecom.com>
Associate Rapporteur for OAM&P Recommendation (Q.C) - Peter Adams
<p.f.adams at btopenworld.com>

Best regards

John Magill
Vice-Chairman SG16 & FS-VDSL Focus Group

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