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Roy, Radhika R, ALASO rrroy at ATT.COM
Tue Aug 20 09:10:22 EDT 2002

Dear ITU-SG16 Experts:

I apologize for the recent problems with the ITU-SG16 mail server
(listserv). It appears that a vital configuration file had been deleted by a
misbehaved program (virus). The file has been restored (as of 11am PDT
today) and the list is again operational.

In addition, please note that the listserv software has been upgraded. You
may receive responses from listserv when you send mail to the list to
confirm by clicking on a URL link. But the links won't work externally from
Intel so you will need to continue to confirm by replying to listserv with
"OK" in the body of the message (without the quotes). Here's the
1. To send mail to the Study Group 16 experts, send mail to
itu-sg16 at lists.intel.com.
2. Listserv will respond asking you to confirm the message. Don't click on
the URL link in the message. Instead, reply to the message with "OK" as the
first line in the body of the message (without the quote marks).
3. Listserv will then send the message to the ITU-SG16 mail list.

If you experience any problems with the list, please let me know.

Thank you,

Greg Meyer
Intel Research & Development
greg.w.meyer at intel.com

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