more questions about h.341

wu.yongming at ZTE.COM.CN wu.yongming at ZTE.COM.CN
Tue Aug 27 23:01:18 EDT 2002

   i got such a question(i am not sure if it really is a question).
   according to h.341,a MCU which has both MC and MP should provide with
both of MIB modules.
   in a case that MC and MP are implemented in different box,how can these
two MIB modules be deposited?one way is that MP'MIB is realized in MC,MP
will report all information to MC periodically.
and NMS only deals with MC,i doesn't realize MC and MP are separated.but i
feel this way has some shortcomings.i think it is ideal MC and MP can be
managed as separated devices.this way is more graceful.but h.341 seems only
to consider MCU as a whole.
   in summary,i hope the following solution is possible:

NMS <------->MC Agent+MC[mc mib] ---
^                                   |
|                                    > wholely as a MCU
|                                   |
|----------->MP Agent+MP[mp mib] ---

hope to hear your comments.

thanks in advance!


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