"Early media" with fast connect

Horvath Ernst ernst.horvath at SIEMENS.COM
Fri Apr 26 07:40:28 EDT 2002

hi,all experts
    is the following i marked by <<<>>> a error?
    i think it should possibly be H.245 control channe.

8.1 Secure H.245 channel operation
Assuming that the connection procedures in the previous clause (Connection
procedures) indicate a secure mode of operation, the negotiated handshake
and authentication shall
occur for the <<<H.245 logical channel>>> before any other H.245 messages
are exchanged. If negotiated,
any exchange of certificates shall occur using any mechanism appropriate
for the H-Series
terminal(s). After completing the securing of the H.245 channel, the
terminals use the H.245 protocol
in the same manner that they would in an insecure mode.

special to paul,because i am not sure this mail can get to the maillist,so
i have send a copy to your address.if it is a trouble,please forgive me
about that.



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