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(For the record...) The change is OK by me.


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Subject: H.460.1 editorial correction

> Dear Experts,
> I received a consultation from the TSB regarding H.460.1, as to whether it
> would be proper to introduce a clarification for text in the third
> of Section 7.2. Specifically, the proposed change is from
> "If the feature is defined using ASN.1, then it is recommended that the
> encoding rules be used. ..."
> to
> "If the feature is defined using ASN.1, then it is recommended that the
> basic aligned variant of the PER encoding rules be used. ..."
> I personally support the correction since all H.323 equipment uses the
> aligned variant for PER encoding and using anything else would be
> I would like to give the OK to the TSB for implementing this editorial
> correction, but would like to confirm with you whether there are any
> concerns with this change.  We could of course incorporate it via an
> Implementers Guide later on, but we have the opportunity to have it right
> from the start. If you have concerns, please let me know ASAP but
> not later than April 29, 2002.
> Best Regards,
> Paul

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