Application-Specific Megaco Error Codes

Christian Groves Christian.Groves at ERICSSON.COM.AU
Mon Apr 8 23:35:04 EDT 2002

Hello Tom,

Sounds OK to me. How do you see that this will be documented? At the IANA site?

Regards, Christian

Tom-PT Taylor wrote:
> It has been bothering me for quite a while that we have no guidelines for the
> numbering of error codes, so they could be all over the map.  For example, I
> created codes in the NAS packages starting with 100, simply because this was
> the first example of package-documented error codes.  Since these codes were
> not yet registered with IANA, it may not be too late to enforce the following
> convention, following the precedent set by H.,248 Annex M.1:
> Proposal: application-specific error codes are assigned consecutive values
> starting at 600.
> Following on this proposal, I am changing the NAS error codes to 613-616 from
> 100-103.
> Comments?
> Tom Taylor
> taylor at
> Ph. +1 613 736 0961 (ESN 396 1490)

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