Proposed Change to ITU-SG16 Mail List Procedures

Chip Sharp chsharp at CISCO.COM
Fri Sep 28 18:11:13 EDT 2001

Most listserv software allows you to configure it so that only list members
can send email to the list.  If you configured the mail list in this
manner, then only list members could send email.  If someone sends spam,
you remove that member from the list.

Since most abusive spam is automatically generated, it is doubtful the
originator will go through the trouble of subscribing to the list before

The downside is that people who monitor the list behind a mail exploder (or
newsgroup) will not be able to post without subscribing individually.

Anyway, this is another option to think of.


At 09:16 PM 9/25/2001, Meyer, Greg W wrote:
>Dear ITU-SG16 Experts:
>I have noticed a dramatic increase in SPAM on the ITU-SG16 mail list. As
>administrator of the list, I would like to hear about a proposed change that
>will decrease the amount of SPAM and other mail messages including
>potentially harmful email (viruses, etc.).
>I can set LISTSERV to require the sender of a message to acknowledge the
>message before LISTSERV will send it. So to send a message, you would send
>it in the usual way but before it gets sent to the mail list, LISTSERV will
>send you a message. If you respond to the message, you authorize LISTSERV to
>send the message. Since most SPAM is spoofed, the "sender" will not
>acknowledge LISTSERV and the message will not get sent.
>I would appreciate hearing if there are any concerns with this method before
>I implement it. I will follow-up this email later to announce what action I
>have taken to this ITU-SG16 list.
>Thank you,
>Greg Meyer
>Intel Corporation
>email: greg.w.meyer at
>For help on this mail list, send "HELP ITU-SG16" in a message to
>listserv at

For help on this mail list, send "HELP ITU-SG16" in a message to
listserv at

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