Proposed Change to ITU-SG16 Mail List Procedures

Meyer, Greg W greg.w.meyer at INTEL.COM
Wed Sep 26 20:47:53 EDT 2001

"This looks to be heading towards a "vote" situation."
Actually no, I wasn't looking for votes. I wanted to know if there were any
issues with my proposal; if the proposed change would either prohibit or
significantly inhibit the intended purpose of the mail list. I've seen many
great responses and very much appreciate the feedback.

A major consideration for any change is the ability to send and receive mail
in a timely manner. Any change that requires more administrative time will
surely impact timely service since this is not my primary job function and I
travel frequently (periods of not having access). I think Chris' summation
below is accurate and, with few exceptions, will impact the subscribers
minimally while according some degree of immunity to spam and other
unauthorized use of the mail list.

I would like to implement the proposal for a 30-day trial period. At the end
of the period (end of Oct), I will see how much spam and other unauthorized
mail went through compared to the last 30 days and also ask for feedback
from you (the subscribers). My intention is to make the ITU-SG16 mail list
better, not worse. So if it becomes clear that there are significant issues
during the trial, I will terminate it and return to the current method (open
to all who send without the "authorization" step).

Clearly, Mr. Okubo's point of Listserv's timely response period will
determine whether the proposed change is acceptable. In my experience, the
vast majority of Listserv responses are within a few minutes (usually less
than one minute). However, I have seen some extended delays when major
network issues are experienced (Code Red, Nimda, etc.). These have been the
exceptions and the purpose of a 30-day trial is to determine if extended
delays are more prevalent than I believe them to be.

I will do some testing prior to going live with the change. My target start
is Monday, Oct 1. Again, I appreciate your feedback and look forward to
making the ITU-SG16 list better for your use.

Greg Meyer
Intel Corporation
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Subject: Re: Proposed Change to ITU-SG16 Mail List Procedures

This looks to be heading towards a "vote" situation.
I vote for the two-stage process.
Most people read lots, post occasionally, and this solution only introduces
a slight pain when posting, is minimal work for the list administrator and,
most importantly, keeps the list open.

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