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>Dear colleagues,
>I sympathise with Greg, and agree that measures should be taken to control
>We have heard of three options,
>a) block sending messages at the server level (rob.c, sorry, don't know
>your real name)
>I would request that a) not be implemented. I have been in a situation
>before that I did not have access to a "clean" SMTP server and used one of
>the servers that spammers also use ...

This would be the most effective option

>actually, the legitimate use of the
>open-door policy prevalent in the beginning of the Internet. This scenario
>happens quite frequently, so it is an option which I would favor to leave

Well its now really not best current practice, but the wider debate is not
relevant, you don't have to use RSS (that aims at open relays), just use RBL
which is a list of confirmed spam sources.

> On a more general respect, control of spam will be good only as long
>as the ban list is maintained

RBL is very well maintained and updated by the minute.

> -- we will still get spam messages in the
>wake of new spam smtp servers before they are added to the ban lists.

No option (save for human moderation) will get all "spam messages" however
the above one will get alot. In my experience it gets about 50% of what i
consider to be spam.

>Best regards,


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