AW: Proposed Change to ITU-SG16 Mail List Procedures

Terry L Anderson tla at LUCENT.COM
Wed Sep 26 09:58:25 EDT 2001

Can the reflector support a "approved sender" list that consists of
subscribers + others who request to send but choose not to receive at the same
address?  This would allow those like Mr Okubo describes, that wish to receive
through a secondary reflector to still be considered approved senders.

OKUBO Sakae wrote:

> Dear Mr. Euchner,
> >[...]I'm not certain whether anybody can send stuff to this list,
> >regardless of being subscribed or not. Thus, this sounds as a minimal
> >precaution to make sure that any posting origins just from an authorized
> >email address, where authorization means that the originator has been
> >registered by the mailing list administrator. Is the listserv system able
> >to check this? Would this help?
> This measure was once considered. A practical problem is that some users
> are receiving messages through a secondary reflector. For example, most of
> Japanese experts are receiving messages through TTC reflector that is
> subscribed to the Intel reflector. This is in expectation of Intel's
> reduced administrative load. Even active members cannot post when they are
> subscribed to the secondary reflector.
> If it is really necessary, then we can request all experts to subscribe
> directly to the Intel reflector. However, it is appreciated if there is
> another means.
> Best regards,
> OKUBO Sakae
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