AW: Proposed Change to ITU-SG16 Mail List Procedures

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Subject: AW: Proposed Change to ITU-SG16 Mail List Procedures

>I appreciate your initiative to reduce the email spam on this list. I
understand that spam is at >least annoying, but sometimes even dangerous
when viruses are conveyed. Of course, an >effective countermeasure is
required, that is also simple to use.
>While I'm not a mailing list expert and do not know about the particular
constraint of this list, >my understanding is, that posting a message to
this list now would become a 2 stage process. >This could counter the spam
but at the price of user friendliness
>Martin Euchner.


A simple answer to remove most of your spam at server level is to use some
of many good blackhole lists that verify open (insecure) relays, and
qualified spam senders then put them in a DNS type list that your mail
server can query.
If your using sendmail then you can just add the following into your
FEATURE(dnsbl, `', `"550 Mail from "
$&{client_addr} " rejected, see http://mail-abu" $&{client_addr}')
FEATURE(dnsbl, `', `"550 Mail from " $&{client_addr} "
rejected; see http://mail-abuse.o
rg/cgi-bin/nph-rss?" $&{client_addr}')
FEATURE(dnsbl, `', `"550 Mail from dial-up rejected;

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