Proposed Change to ITU-SG16 Mail List Procedures

Mark Brown Mark.Brown at ED.ACULAB.COM
Wed Sep 26 04:30:11 EDT 2001

On Wednesday 26 September 2001 8:21 am, Euchner Martin wrote:

> I'm not certain whether anybody can send stuff to this list, regardless of
> being subscribed or not. Thus, this sounds as a minimal precaution to make
> sure that any posting origins just from an authorized email address, where
> authorization means that the originator has been registered by the mailing
> list administrator. Is the listserv system able to check this? Would this
> help?

I don't know about the ability of listserv to check this but it is generally
a very effective measure against spam.

Typically what happens is that posts that don't come from subscribers get
forwarded to the list admin for approval prior to posting. Most list software
also offers either user or admin driven whitelisting so that people who are
subscribed at one address but post from another (or several others) don't
need to have their posts approved every time they post. The main disadvantage
of this scheme is list becoming partially moderated.

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