Proposed Change to ITU-SG16 Mail List Procedures

Tue Sep 25 21:53:03 EDT 2001

Dear Greg,

Many thanks for your taking care of this valuable mailing list.

At 18:16 -0700 01/09/25, Meyer, Greg W wrote:
>[...] I can set LISTSERV to require the sender of a message to acknowledge
>the message before LISTSERV will send it. So to send a message, you would
>send it in the usual way but before it gets sent to the mail list,
>LISTSERV will send you a message. If you respond to the message, you
>authorize LISTSERV to send the message. Since most SPAM is spoofed, the
>"sender" will not acknowledge LISTSERV and the message will not get sent.
>I would appreciate hearing if there are any concerns with this method
>before I implement it.

I agree to this measure. One human factor related question is how quick the
LISTSERV query would be.  Presumably very prompt. There may ba cases where
a message is posted, but the the query is forgot if it comes sometime later.

In any case, I understand the posting is becoming a two stage process.

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