Christmas 2001

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Recall from email of a couple days ago that the joint Q.D, F, G, 2-5
rapporteurs' meeting scheduled for the week of 24 September in Santa
Barbara has been postponed. We now have an offer to hold the meeting the
week of 29 October in Dublin, Ireland. Recall that one item on our
agenda was to meet jointly with Q.11/16 to work Modem over IP (MoIP)
issues. Q.11 has plans to meet during that week in Dublin, so it seems
advantageous to reschedule our meeting for that week in Dublin. We have
heard from a few people regarding conflicts that week, but any week we
choose will likely have some conflicts.

We need to move on this very quickly, considering 29 October is less
than 6 weeks away and we'll need to make arrangements for meetings
rooms, hotel, etc. If you have strong objections, please respond as soon
as possible - we need to make a decision in the next day or two.

Remember to cancel your arrangements (such as reservations at the hotel)
associated with the Santa Barbara meeting.

Glen Freundlich
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