AVD-2153, "Wideband audio work in TIA TR-41 for VoIP" uploaded

Dave Lindbergh lindbergh at PICTEL.COM
Mon Sep 17 18:14:00 EDT 2001

Glen and All,

I think this is best for the moment. Hopefully it won't take long before we
can build a head of steam to progress the work.

Working out dates that don't conflict is a challenge. The following are
schedules I know of so far:

Oct 29-31 TMForum SLA Team
November 12-16 ETSI TIPHON
SG13 Q1, 5, 14 also trying to reschedule this week's experts meeting late
October or early November.

I consider the SG16 experts group my primary priority, so I can go with what
you decide.


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From: Glen Freundlich [mailto:ggf at AVAYA.COM]
Sent: Monday, September 17, 2001 12:25 PM
Subject: Santa Barbara meeting postponed

Dear Colleagues,

This morning, several rapporteurs (Sakae Okubo, Gary Sullivan, Paul Jones,
Paul Reddy, Les Brown, Tom Taylor, Glen Freundlich) held a conference call
and decided to postpone the Santa Barbara meeting of Q.D, F, G, 2-5 (I've
talked separately with Martin Euchner and he also agrees). Considering the
reduced attendance due to travel restrictions, we felt we did not have
sufficient representation. Note that Gary Sullivan still plans to hold the
Q.6 meeting as scheduled.

We are currently investigating alternatives, but feel that we will try to
reschedule for the end of October or early November in Europe or in the U.S.
Please respond as soon as possible if you are aware of conflicts with other
meetings or holidays over these days.

Please be sure to cancel your hotel reservations accordingly.

Please continue to post your contributions. This will give us some
opportunity to discuss the proposals via email. When we have agreed on a new
meeting date, we can work out the details for submitting contributions.

Best Regards,
Glen Freundlich (on behalf of the other rapporteurs mentioned above)

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