some Q.G security contributions uploaded

Euchner Martin Martin.Euchner at ICN.SIEMENS.DE
Fri Sep 14 14:23:21 EDT 2001

Hello Glen,

I would like to register the following contributions for the Santa
Barbara meeting.  It appears likely that the meeting may be postponed
due to the recent tragic events here in the US, but in the event the
meeting does take place, we would like to submit these contributions.
Could you please assign document numbers?

1. H.225.0 AnnexG: Number Portability Information Signalling between
Administration Domains
2. H.225.0 AnnexG: Additional Reject Reasons Related to Service
3. H.225.0 AnnexG: AnnexG Capability Advertizing for AccessRequest
4. H.225.0 AnnexG: Additional Reject Reasons Related to Usage Reporting

Thank you.

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Glen Freundlich wrote:
> The current list of registered contributions for the Santa Barbara
> meeting is available on the avc-site (see
> Remember that
> this Friday (14 September) is the last day to register a contribution
> for the meeting. We currently have 37 contributions registered.

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