Contribution AVD-2133 to Santa Barbara meeting

Hideaki Kimata kimata at NTTVDT.HIL.NTT.CO.JP
Thu Sep 13 20:39:01 EDT 2001


At the end of section 7.1.3 (Alias Address),
the H.323 specification mentions "An endpoint may have more than one alias address(including more than one of the same type)
which is translated to the same Transport Address".

Q1) Does it means that
      "Among the alias addresses for an endpoint, some of them can be translated to a Transport Address (say A) 
       and some of them can be translated to another Transport Address (say B)" ?

Q1-1) If it is so, can an endpoint have more than one Call Signaling Channel Transport Address?
Q1-1-1) And is there any way for mapping these alias addresses to specific Transport Addresses?

Jeff Son.

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