H323 Annex E over UDP and TPKT header

Sasha Ruditsky sasha at RADVISION.COM
Thu Sep 13 14:53:45 EDT 2001

Hi Vivek

The only function of TPKT is to define message boundaries.
Annex E has own mechanisms to do this.
So basically I think that should be no TPKT header in the Q.931 messages
when used with Annex E.


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Subject: H323 Annex E over UDP and TPKT header

I wanted to poll the H323 community regarding the use of TPKT header with
H225 message while using AnnexE transport capability. AnnexE makes the UDP a
reliable signaling channel. H.323 spec talks of using TPKT header with
reliable signaling channel.

What is your interpretation of H323/AnnexE regarding the TPKT header? Does
the TPKT header  have a function in this case?


-- vivek


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