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The NP query can be done at various points in the network such as in the
PSTN or in the h323 network. In h323 network, it could be by the GK or
GW(ways of doing this is beyond the scope of the standard - H.460.2).

In real world, mostly it'll be done in SS7 network outside the H.323
network or by the H.323 GKs.

- Raju

Tom-PT Taylor wrote:
> I expect this should really go to the H.323 Implementors list, but maybe
> some people out there want to answer James.
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> Charles,
> Cisco has a proposal to support number portability for H.323.   My question
> on H.323 is "who, the GK or GW, will do the NP queries?   I guess that
> either one can do it but just want to know in the real world who will be
> doing that.
> James

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