Proposed Change to ITU-SG16 Mail List Procedures

Paul Long plong at IPDIALOG.COM
Wed Sep 26 14:04:09 EDT 2001

I vote that we keep things the way they are. Like everyone else, I get spam
through various means all the time, and I hadn't noticed getting any more
via this reflector. IOW, patching up this one hole will not substantially
decrease my overall email vulnerability, and the solutions sound a lot worse
than the problem.

If the concensus is to do _something_, I'd vote for the subscribers-only
filter. The mailing-list software we use at Packetizer allows one to
subscribe multiple From addresses but have mail sent to only one address.
For example, I can subscribe plong at and plong at so
that I can send from either email account but only have mail sent to
plong at

Paul Long
ipDialog, Inc.

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