Is H.225.0 Progress message really optional though it is used in Fast Start ?

Lyons, Terry TLyons at SONUSNET.COM
Fri Sep 28 10:27:51 EDT 2001

H.323 v4 says:
8.1.7   Fast connect procedure
. . .  When the called endpoint desires to proceed with the Fast Connect
procedure, it sends a Q.931 message (Call Proceeding, Progress, Alerting, or
Connect) containing a fastStart element selecting from amongst the
OpenLogicalChannel proposals offered by the calling endpoint.

However, H.225.0 says that Progress is CM to receive and act on.
Does that mean that a receiver can ignore Progress and believe that Fast
Start was refused?
The transmitter and receiver can then disagree about whether Fast Start

How should we resolve the inconsistency?

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