AW: Proposed Change to ITU-SG16 Mail List Procedures

Wed Sep 26 06:10:03 EDT 2001

Dear Mr. Euchner,

>[...]I'm not certain whether anybody can send stuff to this list,
>regardless of being subscribed or not. Thus, this sounds as a minimal
>precaution to make sure that any posting origins just from an authorized
>email address, where authorization means that the originator has been
>registered by the mailing list administrator. Is the listserv system able
>to check this? Would this help?

This measure was once considered. A practical problem is that some users
are receiving messages through a secondary reflector. For example, most of
Japanese experts are receiving messages through TTC reflector that is
subscribed to the Intel reflector. This is in expectation of Intel's
reduced administrative load. Even active members cannot post when they are
subscribed to the secondary reflector.

If it is really necessary, then we can request all experts to subscribe
directly to the Intel reflector. However, it is appreciated if there is
another means.

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