Proposed Change to ITU-SG16 Mail List Procedures

Meyer, Greg W greg.w.meyer at INTEL.COM
Tue Sep 25 21:16:39 EDT 2001

Dear ITU-SG16 Experts:

I have noticed a dramatic increase in SPAM on the ITU-SG16 mail list. As
administrator of the list, I would like to hear about a proposed change that
will decrease the amount of SPAM and other mail messages including
potentially harmful email (viruses, etc.).

I can set LISTSERV to require the sender of a message to acknowledge the
message before LISTSERV will send it. So to send a message, you would send
it in the usual way but before it gets sent to the mail list, LISTSERV will
send you a message. If you respond to the message, you authorize LISTSERV to
send the message. Since most SPAM is spoofed, the "sender" will not
acknowledge LISTSERV and the message will not get sent.

I would appreciate hearing if there are any concerns with this method before
I implement it. I will follow-up this email later to announce what action I
have taken to this ITU-SG16 list.

Thank you,

Greg Meyer
Intel Corporation
email: greg.w.meyer at

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