AVD-2147 through AVD-2150 uploaded to pictel.com

Miner Gleason mgleason at CISCO.COM
Mon Sep 17 20:17:15 EDT 2001


I have uploaded 4 H.225.0 Annex G related contributions to the
pictel.com ftp site:

AVD-2147: H.225.0 AnnexG: Number Portability Information Signalling
          between Administration Domains

AVD-2148: H.225.0 AnnexG: Additional Reject Reasons Related to Service

AVD-2149: H.225.0 AnnexG: Capability Advertizing for AccessRequest

AVD-2150: H.225.0 AnnexG: Additional Reject Reasons Related to Usage

Each document has been compressed into a separate ZIP file.

Please ignore file AVD-2147.zip, which is a 0-length file (caused by an
upload failure because i did not realize PASV mode was required).
AVD-2147-good.zip is the file to use.

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