some Q.G security contributions uploaded

Euchner Martin Martin.Euchner at ICN.SIEMENS.DE
Fri Sep 14 14:23:21 EDT 2001


AVD-2111        Editor (M. Euchner)     Draft H.235v3 Annex F: Hybrid Security Profile
AVD-2113        Siemens AG      Extended H.235 error codes
AVD-2114        Rapporteur (M. Euchner) Harmonization of media security
AVD-2151        Siemens AG      (In)security of encrypted SID Frames - A new Security Threat?

have been uploaded to the Incoming directory <>  and can be found in the <>  directory.

The remaining contribution will follow on Monday, regardless of whether the Rapporteurs meeting will be held, postponed or cancelled.

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