H.341 RAS MIB issues

Vivek Bhargava vbhargava at CISCO.COM
Wed Sep 12 22:40:30 EDT 2001

Dear experts,

I would like to resolve a problem we have discovered with indexing in the H.341 MIB.

The rasRegistrationTableEntry in the rasRegistrationTable of the RAS MIB is indexed by:

which indicates that an endpoint is uniquely identified by its CSA and RAS addresses together.

However the rasRegistrationAliasTableEntry in the rasRegistrationAliasTable in the same MIB, aliases are indexed only by a call signal address.

This would mean that the MIB would merge the aliases of otherwise distinct endpoints that differ only by their RAS addresses. The same holds for other tables in the MIB, for example, rasRegistrationRasAddressTable, and the rasRegistrationCallSignallingAddressTable.

Would the right thing to do would be remove the RAS address from the index of an endpoint or add it to the index of the alias and other tables?


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