Security in Inter Gatekeeper Communication

Ivan Varghis ivancse at YAHOO.COM
Sat Sep 8 08:08:51 EDT 2001


For security in inter Gatekeeper conmmunication,
currently there is no authentication capabltiy
exchange for selection of a common security profile.
This facility is provided in the case of communication
between the Endpoint and Gatekeeper using the GRQ GCF

The field used for this are
        AuthenticationCapabilty and AlgorithmOIDs in GRQ
                        ( Capabilities of the EP)
        AuthenticationMode and AlgorithmOID in GCF
                        ( The capabiltiy selected by Gatekeeper)

Wouldnt it be good to add the " same fields in the LRQ
and LCF" as his would help in selection of a common
profile between Gatekeepers.

Though the profile which is used can be determined
from the TokenIOD and AlgorithmOID in the message, as
the number of security profiles increases the
Gatekeepers will have to use a trial and error method
to arrive at a common security Profile. Wouldnt this
be a overhead which can be avoided ?

Cheers H.323

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