Santa Barbara meeting: document list and reminder

Glen Freundlich ggf at AVAYA.COM
Thu Sep 6 15:44:51 EDT 2001

Greetings Colleagues,

We currently have 19 contributions registered for the upcoming Santa
Barbara meeting (see the list below). Please remember to register your
contribution by close of business on 14 September (earlier is certainly
welcome and encouraged), and post the contribution to by close of business on 17
September. If you have not already done so, please send a note to Paul
Jones (paulej at if you plan to attend the meeting.

Best Regards,

This information will be available on the avc-site soon.
AVD-     Q
Title                                                      Source
2101     2        Draft
H.GEF.1                                              Tech-Know-Ware
2102     3        MCU
Decomposition                                          Polycom
2103     2        Circuit Information Signalling for Alternate
Endpoints     Cisco
2104     2        Corrections to the H.323 URL
Syntax                        Pagoo
2105     3        Rec. H.248 package
definitions                             ATM Forum
2106     All      Concepts of Emergency Communications
Service               NCS
2107     F        Allowable QoS
Degradation                                  NCS
2108     G        Security for Emergency Communications
Service              NCS
2109     2, 5     H.GEF.3 (Presence in H.323
Systems)                        RadVision
2110     G        Draft H.235
V3                                             Editor
2111     G        Draft H.235 Annex
F                                        Editor
2112     G, 5     Draft H.235 Annex
G                                        Editor
2113     G, 2, 5  Extended H.235 error
codes                                 Siemens
2114     G        Harmonization of media
security                            Q.G Rapporteur
2115     3        Topology enhancement in H.248 Version
2                    RadVision
2116     G        Liaison Statement to ITU-T SG 16 regarding Mediacom
2004 and MPEG-2     ISO/IEC JTC1/SC29/WG11
2117     G        Security for Emergency Communications
Service              Siemens AG
2118     2        Draft H.323 Annex
O                                        Editor
2119     3        H.248 Annex M.1, Advanced Audio Server
Packages            Editor

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