[Megaco] H.248v2

Christian Groves Christian.Groves at ERICSSON.COM.AU
Wed Oct 31 06:10:40 EST 2001

GDay Tom,

My suggestion would be rather to have a phone or video conference/s for
the issues. That way all active interested parties can attend. As
highlighted by others on the list in this current climate some people
are unable to travel to meetings. This would also elimate throwing
decisions over the fence and people complaining that they weren't part
of the process.

I had in mind a moderated conference by yourself as Megaco Chairman and
Glen Fruendlich as SG16 Q.3 Rapportuer. This conference should be for
active participants rather than those just listening in. That way both
groups have input and are part of any decisions even if the decisions
don't favour them.

Regards, Christian 

Tom-PT Taylor wrote:
> We started to debate H.248v2 this morning.  There will definitely be a
> document put out for approval in February.  At a minimum it will
> contain the merged Implementor's Guide and H.248v1.  The debate is
> over what else it might contain.
> I will ask for time for a WG meeting.  We will probably have some
> discussion of our own, and we can also tackle some of the less
> tractable issues from the list.
> Tom Taylor
> taylor at nortelnetworks.com
> Ph. +1 613 736 0961 (ESN 396 1490)

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