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It's looking to me like the best way to capture the H.248 implementer's
guide is to issue in February an H.248 V2 that is at least V1+IG. Rather
than argue abstractly about what else might be in V2, I thought I'd list
the post-V1 proposals that have been accepted so far:

APC-1911: Change of Capabilities indicated in H.248 ServiceChange ( )

APC-1913: Improved Auditing in H.248 Version 2 ( )

APC-2002: Signal on Root for H248v2 ( )

AVD-2068: Improved Auditing in H.248 Version 2 [amends APC-1913] ( )

D93: Handling of multiple pending transactions in H.248 (

D129: Extendable Context Properties for H.248 v2 (

So, that's 5 proposals (note that AVD-2068 amends, or replaces, APC-1913).
Please take this information into consideration when you form an opinion
about what should be in V2 and the timing of V2. AVD-2131 for the Dublin
meeting ( ) shows
V1 + IG + the accepted proposals listed above. Marcello Pantaleo (your
friendly H.248 editor) is also creating a document that would show V1 + IG.


Christian Groves wrote:

> G'Day,
> Personally as I've mentioned in previous meetings I would support the
> approval of v2 to bring in the changes from the IGs. I feel that a 80
> page corrigenda to a 134pg H.248v1 isn't very practical. It will also
> help interoperability if you receive a v2 message then you know exactly
> to expect. At previous interops different groups have implemented
> different IG versions.
> With regards to the 2 year guideline it would be 20 months between the
> decision and the consent date for the recommendation. By the time the
> consent period is finished and the recommendation is published it would
> be very close to 2 years. We have had other recommendations in SG16
> which have not aligned to the 2 year guideline.
> Regards, Christian
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