Implementors Guide not normative?

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Or we could just maintain the status quo by all agreeing with a wink ;-)
that IGs _are_ normative regardless of what Resolution 1 says.

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Recommendation A.3 is no longer in affect (status: withdrawn) but Resolution
1 of the
new Study Period WTSA-2000,
    Resolution 1 – Rules of procedure of the ITU Telecommunication
Sector (ITU-T)
has similar definitions (with a little less detail of process).

9.7 Correction of defects
When a study group identifies the need for implementors to be made aware of
(e.g. typographical errors, editorial errors, ambiguities, omissions or
inconsistencies and technical errors) in a Recommendation, one mechanism
that may be
employed is an Implementors' Guide. This Guide is an historical document
recording all
identified defects and their status of correction, from their identification
to final
resolution, and would be issued in the study group's COM series of
Implementors' Guides shall be approved by the study group and made available
to the

It is still clear that IGs simply record to correction process and are not
normative corrections.

I agree with Paul that we need to issue a Corrigendum or a new version with
the IG's
corrections before they become normative.  We should do this as quickly as
possible, which I believe is to prepare something for which "consent" can be
at SG16 in Feb 2002 and then approved by AAP a few weeks later.  It seems to
me the
large number of changes accumulated to date suggest that a V2 would be alot
easier to
use (I believe a Corrigendum would still be published as differences).
Perhaps we
should then have a strategy of issuing Corrigenda periodically for V2 rather
than only



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