Is H.225.0 Progress message really optional though it is used in Fast Start ?

Paul E. Jones paulej at PACKETIZER.COM
Fri Oct 5 04:18:50 EDT 2001

All ITU-SG16 Mail List Users:

Please note that the mail list, itu-sg16 at, has a new
two-step proceedure for sending mail to the list. Here's how it works:

1. Compose your message.
2. Send it to ITU-SG16 at MAILBAG.INTEL.COM
3. You will receive a "confirmation" message from LISTSERV at MAILBAG.INTEL.COM
4. Reply to the confirmation message with "OK" (without the quotes) in the

OK, that's four steps but only two "sends."  Each confirmation message
contains the instructions on how to reply.

This procedure will help reduce spam and other unauthorized mail. For
security purposes, NO ONE should have any mail list (esp. the ITU-SG16 mail
list) in their email address book. Most viruses use the address book
information to propogate so we strongly request that you look through your
address book and remove this and all other mail lists.

This new procedure will be tried through the month of October. Please let me
know (directly) if there's any mail list service that is being prohited or
significantly inhibited. I'll be especially intested in long times (>10
minutes) before receiving the confirmation message. Our testing to date
shows that listserv responds quickly.

I was strongly(!) motivated to make this change after that last spam
("Excellent Colon Cleanser").

Greg Meyer
Intel Corporation
mailto:greg.w.meyer at

For help on this mail list, send "HELP ITU-SG16" in a message to
listserv at

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