AVD-2159, 2161, 2162 & 2163 uploaded

Reddy, Paul K paul.k.reddy at INTEL.COM
Wed Oct 24 12:15:09 EDT 2001

Hi Everybody,

I have uploaded the following documents into AVS-Site Incoming directory:

AVD-2159.zip : Q5/16: Presence Services requirements (Stage1) from 3GPP SA1

AVD-2161.zip: Q5/16: Mobile Presence and Instant Messaging TOR (Terms of

AVD-2162.zip: Q5/16: XML based protocol for Mobile Presence and Instant

AVD-2163.zip: Q5/16: Inter-working function between existing Presence and IM
systems (e.g., AOL, MSN etc.) and Mobile Presence and IM systems based on
XML based protocols



Rapporteur of Q5/16

Intel Labs

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