Fred Baker fred at CISCO.COM
Thu May 31 13:09:10 EDT 2001

At 06:08 AM 5/31/2001, Roy, Radhika R, ALCTA wrote:
 >All applications (e.g., H.323, SIP) uses signaling messages
 >among its functional entities (e.g., terminal, agents,
 >gatekeepers, proxies, gateways) for communications.

I'm not sure we're on the same planet. Please help me out here.

I can think of a few applications that have agents, gatekeepers, proxies,
and gateways, mostly resulting from the imposition of firewalls or
authentication systems, or from legacy applications like imitating the
telephone system in a data network. The only one that *requires* any kind
of gateway, to my knowledge, is H.323 teleconferencing, which represents a
paltry fraction of traffic according to most current measurements. Anything
else (75% of Internet traffic is http or FTP, most of the rest is mail, on
private LANs applications like NFS are pretty common, and even SIP can be
done without a gateway between consenting systems) could be hooked up in
separate systems on a LAN and made to work without any such signalling at all.

Could you be more specific on what QoS signalling is required by the world
wide web, mail, FTP, common ERP applications like ERP and PeopleSoft,
calendaring, and so on? If not, could you be more specific about what "all"
applications you have in mind?

And could you be more specific about what issues this proposal is
addressing that have not already been addressed in de facto standards and
deployed in operational systems? It would be very nice to understand what
you are preparing to ask vendors to do, and whether operators are
interested in deploying them.

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