What is the purpose of UserInputSupportIndication in UserInputIndication and where are the string types used?

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Dear SG16 experts,

The following documents have been placed at


for your review:

TITLE:  Response to Liaison Statement to SG16 on Work Programme of Study
Group 9
File: liaison_Response_to_Liaison.zip
SOURCE: Rapporteur for Q.G/16

Title: H.248 Implementors' Guide for approval (D130)
File: DC-xxx_H248_Implementors_Additions_v7.doc
Source: Editor

Title: H.248 Annex L for approval (D128)
File: DC-xxx_Annex_L.doc
Source: Editor

Title: H.248 Annex M.2 Congestion Package for approval (D131)
File: DC-xxx_Load_Control_package_v1.doc
Source: Editor

Title: Extendable Context Properties for H.248 v2
File: DC-xxx_Context_Property_v2.doc
Source: LM Ericsson
Note: ABNF will be added

Title: Handling of multiple pending transactions in H.248
File: TD-xxx_Transaction_Pending.doc
Source: LM Ericsson

Title: H.248v2
File: TD-xxx_H248_v2.doc
Source: Editor

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