Support of H.248 in H.323 - No events?

Bob Gilman rrg at AVAYA.COM
Wed May 23 15:19:52 EDT 2001

The stimuli (signals to the endpoint and events to the
gatekeeper/feature server)
are carried in H.248 SignalsDescriptors and ObservedEventsDescriptors
in a stimulusControl element of the H323-UU-PDU for H.323 Annex L
The H248SignalsDescriptor defined in the ServiceControlDescriptor may be
used to send
an announcement to an endpoint for service control.  See TD-24a from
Osaka for a
Both Annex L and service control use the H248packagesDescriptor to
identify which
packages the endpoint supports.
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Frank Derks wrote:
> As from version 4 of H.323, stimulus signalling using H.248 is possible with
> H.323. The H.225.0 ASN.1 has been extended with an H248PackagesDescriptor
> (PackagesDescriptor from H.248) and an H248SignalsDescriptor (SignalsDescriptor
> from H.248) to make this possible.
> The first allows for the specification of the package(s) from which signals/event
> may be used. The second, however, would seem to restrict the use of H.248 to
> signals only. I.e. H.248 events can not be carried by H.323 because there is no
> field for the EventsDescriptor.
> Is this intentional and if so why? (Or do I misinterpret things?)
> Regards,
> Frank
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