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Good day everyone,

The Paradise Resort Hotel web site is in

For those of us who want translation of the content of the hotel web site
to English or to
any other languages you can use Altavista BableFish translation:

See you there. Enjoy!

Khaled El-Maleh

At 06:26 PM 5/18/01 -0400, Simao Campos-Neto wrote:
>Dear colleagues,
>as promised, I am providing you with some details regarding the ground
>transportation in Porto Seguro. The company responsible for the event has
>contracted with a local company, "Pool Turismo", to provide a van service
>from the airport to the docks on the arrival day, and back to the airport
>in the departure day. This service will cost you R$20.00 (as stated in the
>Collective Letter 1/16). (NOTE: Additionally, there is a ferry that will
>transport you from the docks to the hotel and vice versa, which is
>free-of-cost to people staying in the Paradise Resort Hotel. To commute
>between the hotel and Porto Seguro proper, you will be using this ferry.)
>Back to the airport/docks/airport transportation: Pool Turismo is
>requesting that everyone interested in the service to provide them with
>some information:
>1-Hotel Name:
>2-Participant Names:
>3-Number of People:
>4-Arrival From:
>    Arraival Day-In:
>    Time to Arrival:
>    Flight number:
>    Airline Name:
>5-Departure To:
>    Departure Day-Out:
>    Time to Departure:
>    Flight number:
>    Airline Name:
>This data should be filled in and emailed to itu-tsg16 at
><mailto:itu-tsg16 at>. Additional information provided by the
>"- General Condition for the transfer service: E-mail with your
>    confirmation.
>  - Our representative will meet you in the airport.
>  - The transfer charge for people is R$ 20,00 IN/OUT inclusive.
>  - The fee should be paid on arrival at the airport to our representative
>    from Pool Eventos.
>  - Should you change your flight please inform us.
>  - Use the official company to request your service We're here to
>    help you.
>  - If you woud like some optional touristic trips or rent a car,
>    please inform us.
>  - If you have any further enquires please contact us at e-mail.
>  - Contact People in Pool Eventos: Maria Calabrese, Lucio Panerai."
>Best regards,
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