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I'm afraid we don't have an FAQ yet, though it's probably time to start one.
Most questions of this sort get asked on the Megaco list <megaco at>.
Anyway, the syntax for a text terminationID requires that it start with an
ALPHA, possibly preceded by a "*" wildcard.  The basic idea is that you can
combine "*" or "$" wildcards with string segments to request selection of
all terminations matching the pattern ("*") or any one termination matching
the pattern ("$") as the case may be.

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> Subject: H.248 TerminationID
> The megaco call flow examples do not give a rendition for
> creating the TerminationId field which consist of a wildcard
> and an Id.  If I want to specify a particular id, say 1234, and
> not want to specify a choose or all, what should my wildcard be?
> Is there an ftp site that clarifies implementation questions
> like mine?
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